Announcing our "Fab for Free" program

"Fab for Free" is a new ordering service that helps new and existing Quilter users build free prototypes of their AI-designed circuit boards.

The last two weeks since our Series A and Open Beta announcements have been incredibly exciting for our team. Since launch, more than a thousand new engineers have signed up to try Quilter, submitting hundreds of custom boards with more than 35K components and 135K traces for our AI designer to place and route.

As a company, we are driven by our mission to help hardware companies innovate faster by exploring and maximizing the usefulness of generative AI in circuit board design.

Today, we're excited to make experimenting with Quilter even easier with the launch of our "Fab for Free" program – an ordering service for new and existing users to fabricate Quilter-designed circuit boards (raw PCBs, unassembled) free of charge.

Our team has had lots of fun piloting this program with early access users over the last couple of months, and can't wait to share some of the designs they've built so far.

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How it works

Our Fab for Free program is really simple:

  1. Design a custom circuit board with Quilter. You're welcome to tweak or update Quilter's design output if you'd like.
  2. Fill out a form to provide us with your shipping information and design files you want to fabricate.
  3. Get free PCB prototypes (raw boards, unassembled) delivered directly to the address you provided.
  4. (optional) Share your project on our community forums to get more fabrication credits and keep building for free!

Quilter will put a human in the loop to review your request, answer your questions, and manage ordering + logistics with the PCB fabricator. We also place the order on your behalf with the fastest turnaround time available, so there's no need to fuss with credit cards or reimbursements.

Who is eligible?

All new and existing Quilter users receive one fabrication credit upon signup.

Participants who share a short writeup of their experience to our community forums are eligible to earn more Fab for Free credits that they can use to keep building Quilter-designed circuit board prototypes!

Have more questions? You can get more details on the nuts and bolts of our Fab for Free program, here.

Let us know what you think!

We're extremely eager to know how we can make Quilter more useful to engineers and businesses for electronics prototyping and development.

  • Are you a Quilter user with feedback about our product or Fab for Free program? Send us a note or share your feedback in our community forums!
  • Are you an ECAD software provider or PCB fabricator and want to partner with Quilter to help us scale this program to your audience, let us know!
  • Interested in paying Quilter to manage your entire end-to-end prototyping process including PCB fabrication, assembly, and verification? Contact our team!
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