Quilter is now in open beta

After 9 months in closed beta, Quilter is now publicly available for free, unrestricted use.

We're extremely excited to announce that as of today, Quilter has graduated from the "closed beta" that we kicked off last Spring and is now universally available to all those who wish to try it.

Today means a lot to us; it's the first day since development began on the product in late 2021 that Quilter feels truly "launched". As big as that is for our business, it's even bigger for the small team of devoted engineers who have been working extremely hard over the last two years to bring Quilter into existence.

This exciting milestone comes right on the heels of our $10M Series A fundraise led by Benchmark. In conjunction with our open beta launch, this new capital will enable us to rapidly accelerate investment in our AI circuit board design software, and introduce Quilter to engineers and businesses around the world.

What's new for open beta

To support the success of our new users, we're excited to share a host of new tools, programs, and resources that have all gone live in recent weeks.

Try the new app at https://app.quilter.ai

1/ A brand new Quilter app

We've entirely rebuilt Quilter's web app to improve our job creation, submission, and review workflow. The foundational theme for the rebuild was improving Quilter's "reliability", defined as our ability to consistently set and deliver on our users' expectations for the jobs they submit.

The new app:

  1. Helps proactively resolve configuration issues with a significantly improved issues system, visual preview of board inputs, and pre-submission validation for common job configuration issues
  2. Sets clearer expectations for your job by defining a clearer happy path with tips and information to help you get the best results for each job you submit.
  3. Provides more transparency into jobs and candidates with entirely redesigned pages for each step of the workflow, including a much more focused candidate review experience

Try the app

Build your PCB for free at https://quilter.ai/fab-for-free

2/ Our "Fab for Free" program

Our objective is to make AI-designed circuit boards ubiquitous among the most talented and sophisticated hardware engineering teams in the world. That said, Quilter is still early in development, and it can be unnerving to hand over design responsibilities to a piece of software for the first time.

To that end, our "Fab for Free" program provides free PCB fabrication services for engineers who want to try Quilter risk-free. Simply send us a new or existing design that you generated with Quilter along with your shipping information, and we'll review, order, and ship your AI-designed raw PCB prototypes to specified delivery address free of charge (terms and conditions apply).

We're excited to see what you decide to build!

Fab your board for free

Visit our community forums at https://community.quilter.ai

3/ New community forums

Our brand new community forums are a place to share, learn, and engage with the Quilter team. All new and existing Quilter users can use their Quilter account to log in to our community to:

Join the community

4/ A brand new Quilter website and blog

In addition to a new visual design, our new website includes helpful new pages and resources about Quilter's product and business, including the following new resources:

  • Our new Blog, which provides real-time access to news and information about Quilter, our product, and customers
  • Technology page that provides details on the reinforcement learning process we use to train Quilter's design agent
  • Workflow page that provides pseudo-documentation on how to use Quilter as a part of your circuit board design workflow
  • Careers page that shares information about our team, values, and the open positions that we're hiring for
  • Pricing page that shares details about our open beta, as well as what to expect after our open beta is over
  • Product changelog that highlights and summarizes recent changes and improvements to Quilter's application and design agent

Explore the new site

πŸ™Œ Thank you to our closed beta users

Finally, a huge thank you to all the individuals who signed up and used Quilter during our closed beta. Your experimentation, feedback, and support have made it possible for us to continue our journey to bring fully automated PCB layout to the world.

Our team is energized and ready to work to make our vision a reality. We can't wait to get started! πŸš€

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