Quilter v0.5.0 release

We're excited to announce a number of improvements in our first officially versioned release.

Quilter Design Agent

  • (New) Placement algorithm has been updated to our stable reinforcement learning placer
  • (New) Schematic-informed placement for Altium designs
  • (Improved) Better silkscreen placement (fewer collisions, placed closer to components) for KiCAD
  • (Improved) More direct routing paths between connected components

Quilter App

  • (New) "Feedback" widget for submitting bugs, feature requests, and design reviews
  • (New) Help Center with documentation for submitting boards for layout
  • (Improved) Ability to sort/filter successful candidates by multiple criteria
  • (Fixed) Corrupted pours in exported design files (KiCAD)
  • (Fixed) Failure to successfully parse boards some board files with drill holes (KiCAD)
  • (Fixed) Failure to successfully parse some Altium schematics

Share ideas for our next feature, improvement, or bug fix with the Quilter team, here.

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