October newsletter

A roundup of changes and improvements to Quilter made throughout September.

1/ Superhuman component placement

We’ve achieved an exciting milestone – Quilter’s design agent now regularly achieves superhuman component placement as measured by the average number of rats nest intersections prior to routing.

This milestone was enabled by a big improvement to our placement algorithm courtesy of our incredible artificial intelligence team, and is the headline improvement of our new v0.5.0 release (details below).

2/ v050 is now live

Quilter’s v0.5.0 release is our first named software release and includes a number of additional improvements to Quilter’s application and design agent:

  • (New) Schematic-informed placement for Altium designs
  • (New) New Help Center with useful tips for using Quilter
  • (Improved) Better silkscreen placement (fewer collisions, placed closer to components)

...and much more!

To view the full list of changes and improvements hsipped with our v0.5.0 release, visit our product changelog.

3/ Does this design look weird to you?

We’re actively collecting feedback from early access users on the visual appearance of our AI designer’s trace routing. If you’d like to weigh in, take our 1-2 minute survey below by clicking the image or button below.

4/ New ways to give feedback

We’ve added new ways to provide feedback on your experience using Quilter from directly within the app. When logged in, click the “Feedback” button or click the “Review this design” button to provide feedback on your design, report a bug, or submit a feature request.

5/ Expanding our early access program

With the release of v0.5.0 to production, we are inviting more users from our waitlist to try Quilter in early access.

Thank you for being one of our early supporters!

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