Infinite ML: Designing Printed Circuit Boards with AI

Sergiy talks with Infinite ML host Prateek Joshi about the opportunities and challenges of automating PCB design with AI, what it actually means to design a "good" PCB, and the current innovations and long term opportunities of combining reinforcement learning and physics simulation to design superhuman PCBs with AI.

(00:07) What is a PCB and its role in electronic devices
(01:30) Examples of PCBs in everyday life
(04:47) Manual components of the PCB design process
(06:26) Introduction to Quilter and its automation of PCB layout
(07:46) What can be automated in PCB layout design
(08:44) Challenges in PCB layout design
(10:12) The role of AI in automating PCB layout design
(12:25) Criteria for PCB design and material selection
(14:38) Thermal management in PCB design
(15:05) Ensuring signal integrity in PCB design
(19:44) The use of AI in PCB design
(20:08) The future of AI in PCB design
(22:07) The importance of material selection in PCB design
(23:32) The importance of thermal management in PCB design
(24:11) Ensuring signal integrity in densely packed PCBs
(26:59) The potential impact of AI on the PCB design process
(28:47) The importance of aesthetics in PCB design
(29:14) The potential obsolescence of human designers in PCB design
(30:26) Exciting innovations in PCB design
(34:42) The need for systematic access to PCB design information
(36:30) Rapid Fire Round

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