Gradient Dissent: AI in Electronics; Quilter's journey in PCB design

Our CEO Sergiy Nesterenko joins Lukas Biewald on the Weights & Biases podcast to talk about real-world applications of reinforcement learning in PCB design.

00:00 - Introduction to Gradient Dissent
00:45 - Meet Sergiy Nesterenko, CEO of Quilter
01:27 - Understanding PCBs and Their Importance
03:06 - Challenges in PCB Design
08:12 - Automating PCB Layout with AI
10:28 - Physics and Practical Issues in PCB Design
16:07 - Real-World Applications of Quilter
24:13 - Insights on Reinforcement Learning in PCB Design
28:11 - Handling High-Speed PCB Designs
34:22 - Balancing Research and Real-World Applications
38:39 - Challenges and Surprises in Building Quilter
43:25 - Future of PCB Design and AI Integration

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